About Neighbours

At Neighbours, we are taking the Internet of Things back to its original roots in African communalism of shared collective living. The source of its inspiration as a global village; where everyone looks out for the next person.

We are available in Africa, with our hub in Nigeria. However, we are working towards bringing Neighbours to every neighbourhood around the world in the nearest future.

Neigbours is borne out of the need for our immediate community to be rooted in values and essence that keep us all together. Like we all know, our communities are fueled by people, and its people working together who ultimately make changes in our communities, our nation and our world. We are committed to being a catalyst for empowered neighbours and neighborhoods.

What is Neighbours?

Neighbours is the neighbourhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services.

We believe that by bringing neighbours together, we can cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. We believe building connections in the real world is a universal human need and the reality that neighborhoods are one of the most important useful communities in our lives. It is a place where we can tap into various opportunities.

Why Neighbours

At Neighbours we have real people at real addresses and we ensure you connect with neighbours whose true identities have been verified. The Neighbours app ensures if it’s happening nearby you’ll get to hear about it. You are not just automatically connecting to everyone nearby; you can also reach out to any local professional within the neighbourhood.

A good thing to know is that your privacy is our priority. We do not share your name, address or email with advertisers, and your conversations will not be indexed by search engines.

We recognize that thriving communities are more than just residents. They’re also made up of the local businesses, nonprofits and public agencies that keep our neighbourhoods strong and connected.

With Neighbours app you can connect with the people you wave or nod to in your neighbourhood. Neighbours provide users effective platform to connect and interact in a secure and neighbourly manner!

Neighbours is a great space for neighbours to trade goods and services, share news and ideas, interact with neighbours and local business clients. It also gives a great space for Law enforcement and government agencies to post and reach localities with public service announcements (PSAs) as critical and real-time information can be shared directly at the neighbourhood level.

A space for Health Authorities to alert locals about concern health issue. It also gives a great space for Law enforcement and government agencies to post and reach localities with public service information can be shared directly at the neighbourhood level. Neighbours provide a great space for businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their target audience and clients locally. It is a trusted platform for targeted marketing and growing clientele


Group Platform

Group platform allows you to bring people together of similar interests from your local community and neighborhood. Every resident, and private organization, trade/ cultural associations, business owner of each Neighbourhood can easily create a private or public group by inviting guests to join the group right from the phone or email. While the guest management will be activated.

Neighbours Chats Room

The chart room enable neighbours to neighbours communication and promote cordiality and collaboration within the neighborhood and other members through individual or group chat. You can also attach media or photos.

Payment’s platform

On this platform you can effortlessly make your various due payments like bills, your rent dues to your landlord, pay contractors, buy stuff or donations to the community. Also enables view payments history. Each resident of each neighbourhood can easily create a payment account on the Neighbors payment platform or generate an invoice while the system will help generate receipt of payment after transaction. All you need to do is to register while the system creates your own unique payment identification code for future transaction. You bank info remain safe.


Allows you access to safer and private view of bonding people who belong to your living space.


The Business platform enable you explore nearby opportunity find the list of best nearby services and businesses around you. Promotes your business and be recognized within your local market.

Auctions Market

Enjoy affordable Neighborhood online auction market for various kinds of valuables.

Neighborhood news

Neighbourhood specific news, important information and announcements for all residents within the neighborhood can be broadcast via the open communication platform.

Emergency Alerts

Neighbours “Crime & Safety” and “Lost & Found” buttons on the navigator enables security functions for the neighborhood by creating amber-alert of real time and notifications alerts If or when the unexpected does happen, residents can discreetly raise alarms on their phone to alert other residents in case of any danger of posing treats. This function made it easier to detect threats, avoid danger, and solve problems as it connects you with your entire community and neighborhood.

Real Estate

Neighbours Real estate functions button enables neighbors home owners free placement of house sales, home rent and landed property.


Provide easy access to affordable transportation to the community and neighborhoods with ShareRide and Rental services. You can experience safe and Neighbourhood friendly ride to your desired destination. Join the Neighbours App today and enable your Social Mode for community connection on the go.

Join the Neighbours App today and enable your Social Mode for community connection on the go.