Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Our-neighbours! We invite you to read this privacy policy, which explains our privacy practices and how we treat your personal information when you use our Services. It describes the types of personal information collected and created in connection with your use of Our-neighbours, how and why we use such information, who we share it with, and your legal rights. Unless otherwise indicated, this privacy policy (“Policy”) applies to all our websites, domains, apps, products, services, and features (the “Services”) in all geographies in which Our-neighbours offers its Services.  Certain portions of this Policy apply only to Services offered in particular geographies; please see Section 11 for additional information.

When you use Our-neighbours, there are expectations for how you must respect and protect the privacy of other members. These expectations are spelled out in our Member Agreement. Please read it. Violating these rules or other aspects of the Member Agreement may lead to a loss of account privileges, potentially including a permanent ban from Our-neighbours.

1. What is Our-neighbours?

Our-neighbours is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services; we hope that neighbors everywhere will use Our-neighbours to build stronger and safer neighborhoods around the world.